Coming in to a new environment is always scary, and we get that. So here are a few things you can expect on a Sunday morning to help ease that fear.

A welcoming, casual atmosphere

From the time you pull in to the parking lot to the time you leave you will be smiled at, appreciated, and shown that you matter. Coffee, snacks, and other refreshments will always be offered, dress is very casual, and signs will direct you anywhere you need to go. We want you to feel comfortable at our church. We will care for every person who walks through our doors, regardless of how they look, talk, or act. People Matter at Destination Church.

An engaging and to-the-point service

Every Sunday, people from all backgrounds and walks of life will join together at Destination Church for a worship service, and we do not take that lightly. We will strive to make our services engaging, to-the-point, and distraction-free. Services last for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and includes live music from our Destination Worship Team and a 30-35 minute sermon.

A distraction-free environment

We all play a part in eliminating as many distractions as possible so that people can focus on what matters: Jesus. Because of this, we make a few requests of those in attendace: we ask that all children under sixth grade visit Destination Kids or the nursery where they can learn about Jesus on their level, and we ask that everyone silence any cell phones or other electronics. Every Sunday is a great day at Destination Church, and we are committed to making each Sunday service the best that it can be.

A relevant, creative, challenging sermon

Destination Church is filled with people gifted, qualified, and equipped to preach the Bible in the most effective way possible. Some Sundays you will hear from our Lead Pastor, Ricky Mosel. Other Sundays you may hear from another pastor of Destination Church or a guest speaker, but you can be certain that whomever it is, you will leave knowing more about God's Word than you did when you arrived. We strive to make our sermons applicable to people of all backgrounds, whether you have a PhD in Biblical Studies or you've never opened a Bible in your life.

A safe and fun children's area

Destination Kids meets every Sunday so that kids can come each week and learn about Jesus on their level, and have fun doing it. In fact, we are so passionate about this, that children who are in fifth grade or below are not permitted in our adult service. As soon as you arrive, signs will direct you to a place where you can quickly and securely check in your child, whether you are new with us or a regular attender. If you would like to register your child for Destination Kids in advance to make check-in even faster, you can do so by clicking here.