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Destination Internship exists to help young people fully realize their call to ministry, help them to be wholly ready to enter their particular field of ministry, and then formally recognize the call that God has placed on their lives.

Internship is a multi-year program designed to train young people to become effective pastors for all areas of ministry. The program focuses on ensuring that the intern is being trained and is practically involved in their area of ministry. It also puts great emphasis on the heart of the intern, and offers much training on growing spiritually, building relationships with others, studying the Bible and theology, and many other areas of personal growth. Practical training, personal mentorship, and an emphasis on starting at an early age is what separates Destination Internship from a traditional college course in Ministry. The Internship Program is free of charge to those who are accepted, and is open to anyone who would like to apply.

Internship was born in 2008 when Pastor Ricky Mosel began training two young people who felt called to Ministry. Throughout the years, the program has grown to become more structured, organized, and comprehensive. Since it's start in 2008, nearly ten Interns have been involved in the program, including three young people who are currently involved.